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                Welcome to Jiangsu Haichi Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.!

                Nuclear Power cables and cable tray fire protection equipment to fill the gaps

                October 24, the State Council executive meeting to discuss the "nuclear safety planning (2011 2020)" and "long-term nuclear power development plan (2011 2020)." Many in the industry view, suggesting that the decision to restore the nuclear power project final approval threshold has been close at hand. Domestic nuclear power equipment R & D has also ushered in a minor trend, recently, by the December 9, led by the China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., a joint Yantai Kim Fire Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Jiang Shan self-developed "nuclear power plant cables and cable tray fire protection equipment "through the identification, fill the gaps.

                December 9, led by the China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., a joint Yantai Kim Fire Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Jiang Shan self-developed "Nuclear Power cables and cable tray fire protection" adopted in Beijing Science and Technology and CNNC Ministry of information chaired product identification.

                This means when the Nuclear Power Plant factory fire, can perform security functions protect the normal operation of the cable to prevent the A / B cable column of common mode failure occurred role. Product review by the appraisal committee identification, experts agreed that: the successful development of the device to fill the gap, the technology reached the international advanced level, with good social and economic benefits.

                The second-generation nuclear power plant from the 1970s until now, there are a variety of reactor types and good operational performance, efficiency still life extension and bulk-building, 23 units are still under construction. In 2005, the world's second-generation nuclear power plants (reactors) there are 443 sets of operating experience accumulated over 12,000 security Chaoguo reactor-years. Nuclear power installed capacity of electricity generation accounted for 16% of total installed capacity, about 20% of the total generating capacity of nuclear power.

                The second-generation nuclear power technology is widely used in most commercial nuclear power plants since the seventies of the last century still running, most of which are standardized, serialization and batch construction, the main types of pressurized water reactor (PWR), boiling water reactors ( BWR), heavy water reactors (CANDU) and Soviet-designed pressurized water reactor (VVER) and water-cooled graphite reactors (RBMK) and the like.

                After two years of the study, developed a second generation Canadian nuclear power plants to meet the requirements of the product, it has laid an important foundation for further development of the passive fire protection entity structure and the development of applicable third generation nuclear power technology.

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